Secret Ingredient Cheesecake Recipe

     Here is my famous secret ingredient cheese cake.  I have perfected this through the years, and I even used to sell these in NJ.  It’s a very simple cheese cake that you have to bake.  It’s just simple four ingredients.  You can put the mix in a 9″ graham crust pie pan, made by Nabisco or a off brand.  The off brand actually tastes better, in my tests for some reason.  Or you can make your own crust with, butter, brown sugar and crushed graham crackers.  You can also put the batter in mini graham pie pans.  They hold one heaping table spoon of mix each.  The mini graham cracker pie shells, are great for parties and other events.  It allows you to really plan how many much you need to make.  
     This is a great base mixture, to which you can add chocolate chips, various nuts, carmel and such.  You would add after you have completed combining the mixture.  Also, you can add various items by pouring half the mix into your pan, add nuts or what have you, then pour remaining amount of mixture.  Basically, your extras are in the middle of the cheese cake.  The toppings can be added after it is ready to serve.  I normally add cherry toppings, or fresh strawberries or berries, or maybe even a chocolate kiss on the top of the minis.  The variations with this recipe are endless.  Let me know if you have any questions, and how it turns out.  Oh, the secret ingredient is the vanilla.  It changes the entire flavor of the cheese cake based on ho much you use.  I’m kind of heavy handed with it.

Gather all items and make sure all are at room temperature

2 eggs
2 PKG 8oz Philly cheese regular
1 cup of white granulated sugar
1 to 2 tblsp of pure Vanilla to taste (don’t use Jamaican vanilla.  you can use imitation vanilla, but I use pure Mexican or American vanilla)

This will make 1 9″ pie pan or 12 mini pie pans

1. Mix all with a blender at room temp, until mixture is very smooth with no lumps.  Mix in eggs, sugar and Philly cream cheese at the same time. Add vanilla last.
2. Pour into desired graham cracker pie pan
3. Pre heat oven to 400. Then cook for 30 mins, or until top is lightly gold brown.
4. After done let cool, for about 30 mins
5. Let freeze then take out 2 hrs before needing to serve (the freezing increases the thickness/consistency of the cheese cake)
6. Add any toppings as needed. Normally the middle of the pie sinks, and in this impression is where I add the toppings.  The ugliest looking cheesecake is the one that gets the topping to cover it up.

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