Soul Food Festival Coming Near You

Soul Food Memphis

Here is the last event to help fill up your weekends.  The Soul Food Festival.  Bet you didn’t know one of those existed.  I was really taken aback when I saw the size of this event, and the numerous cities that it is taking place.  It has many musical groups for the “Grown Folks” crowd.  From Peabo Bryson, Silk, Ready For the World, O’jays, MC Lyte, and quite a few others.  The artists do vary from city to city, so check the flyer for your location.

There will be a variety of Soul Food vendors, some local and some national.  To become a vendor for your city’s event check here. Also for general rules about the event check here.

Tickets range from $25 – $35 for general admission, and VIP tickets are from $45- $50.  Gates normally open two hours prior to show time, and the show lasts about four to five hours.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at Front Gate Tickets. Below are the upcoming dates and cities for the Soul Food Festival.

July 11th   Nashville, TN

August 1st   Memphis, TN

August 8th   Charlotte, NC

August 15th   Cleveland, OH

August 22nd   Kansas City, MO

August 29th   Cincinnati, OH

September 5th Palm Beach County, FL (Info not released)

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  1. Jd Whitworth
    Jd Whitworth says:

    Hello I purchased VIP tickets but it does not state what the pirks are for having VIP. Could you please specify?

    • Mad
      Mad says:

      I just wanted to take the time to express how awful this festival was in
      Charlotte/Huntersville. First the location was not appropriate. It was down a
      rural country road that took some people three hours to drive 2 miles. There
      was not sufficient lighting so when the event ended you were roaming around in
      the pitch black looking for your car among the 100’s. No presence of security
      so as a young female walking the event didn’t really feel all the secure. The
      worst part was the food. There were maybe 4 different food vendors that seemed
      to be connected as they all served the same stuff (fried fish!!!) not even a
      third of all the different food you show on your website. I can get fried fish
      any time of the week. And $15 a plate for fried fish and bread??? I would
      never ever tell anyone to go to this should it come back to Charlotte. I’m more
      than positive that there are 100’s that feel like I do. I left the event around
      10pm and over Groups of people asking for their money back because they were
      just arriving after being on that crazy one lane, one way out road for three
      hours. Massive improvements are needed on this event in order for it to truly
      be successful. Good luck in the other states!

      • Disgusted
        Disgusted says:

        Totally disgusted!

         My husband and I were also in traffic lane but for 3 Hours before giving up! We were so mad and had wasted $64 for this mess. I have tried calling the number but an answering service says that I have to leave a message. Guess what! I never get a return call. This so-called FOUNDATION just seeks to rip off BLACK FOLKS. I can say nothing good about them and will keep trying to get the word out to DISMANTLE this organization.

        What surprises me more is that the radio station that promoted them(101.9fm) kept advertising the event even after knowing that people were crammed in traffic. What a money hungry and selfish station.
        They also need a wakeup call.

        After 3 WASTED hours, we turned back and went home. This was after hearing 101.9fm state that the 3rd ACT was on stage. What an insult to hear the concert going on and so so so many people were not able to get down the road.

        I will never ever promote, or give this group of crooks my time or money again.

  2. Jd Whitworth
    Jd Whitworth says:

    Hello I purchased VIP tickets but it does not state what the pirks are for having VIP. Could you please specify?

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve never been to one of their events. They looked like a quality event, but photos aren’t everything. Have you filed a complaint to the people who ran the show? I know there isn’t a place to leave public comments like there is here.

    I’m not any way connected to that show or concerts, but was just passing on the info to fellow soul lovers.

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