Soul Unsigned Collection

Soul Unsigned

Spent some time up late surfing, and came across this great collection of music at Soul Unsigned.  It’s a website that has Soul artists that have not signed with any record labels, yet.  Based on their talent and the Soul Unsigned Vol. 1, Soul Unsigned EP 001, and Soul Unsigned EP 002 they won’t be unsigned for long.  I was really surprised by the over all cohesiveness of the this collection of music.  They first released EP 001, then EP 002, and most recently Soul Unsigned Vol. 1. In late April they will be releasing Soul Unsigned Vol. 2.

They also have a radio show which they do live shows of these artists.  If you go to the link, they have all the dates, times, and stations that the show can be heard.  Also they allow downloads of their previous shows.  This gives you a large amount of music to sample, and find some new favorites.  I’m coming to find more and more that there is so much great talent out there, that most of it doesn’t reach the intended fan/customer.

Here are some of the artists that are on the albums and EP’s: Al CamposThe Black Style MoodDreemtimeCandycreamDreemtimeExcellent GentlemenFelixLisa CoutoMaintainMajahbaMayesCouto.

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