Soulganic set to release “From the Storm to the Sun”


I was reminded about a group today, that I should have enlightened my readers about a month ago.  The group that I speak of is Soulganic.  They are a perfected blended sound of Funk and Soul.  There are also sprinkles of Jazz, some Blues and a few other ingredients.  It’s comprised of Cory McClure (drums, keyboards), Ryan McKeithan (acoustic and electric guitars, vocals), Anthony Rodriguez (lead vocals, bass guitar), and Lucas Torres (percussion).  They have released a new album  “From the Storm to the Sun”, which is their second.  Their first album was released in 2007, titled “All Directions Forward“.

The new album starts off with “Temporary Thrill”, which also has a accompanying video (below), instantly takes you to thoughts of South America with a stop over in Cuba.  You can really get a sense of the care that each of the members bring to the track.  I can say that Lucas Torres let his presence known on, which worked well with Anthony Rodriguez’s vocals.  The rest of the album  continues the world wide tour, that was started by “Temporary Thrill”.  Once you think that you know where the next stop is, they change the destination, and you thank them.  Once you listen to the soft melodies of “Carry On”, you’re going to wonder where have you been to not have heard of this group or this album.  Trust me, I had the same thoughts.

Check out the video, and the album that’s available on CDBaby.  I know you will love it.