Soulified Needs Your Help…Yes You.

Good morning people. I know you have been wondering what happened to the updates this week. Life got in the way of the updates. I’ve recently launched a new site for a client, and that has taken a lot of time. Check it out if you like casinos gambling or good travel deals. It’s Anyway, that with Thanksgiving has been a sponge to my time. Now things have settled down, and I can focus back on my baby.

So, this is where you can help. I need your to let me know what kind of things you want to see more or less on the site. For example, do you want more guilty free music downloads? Or perhaps more new artists spotlighted? Also I am reaching out to anyone who wants to contribute to the site as a writer on your favorite artist, band or even reviews. I have a back log of music that I have been sent, that I haven’t had a chance to evaluate. Even if you want to be creative with your help, I’m open. It’s just hard running a site like this and do daily updates with one person. Just contact me at Thanks for time.

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  1. Roslyn Weems
    Roslyn Weems says:

    I would like to see more recipes, photos of food. Interviews with artists – do you do those? Concert information and reviews of music. You and “wifey” travel a lot so perhaps a post on the countries you have traveled to with focus on the culture, why you chose that spot, and your experience there. Along with that a recipe for the local signature dish. A review of “black” films – so I am partial, shoot me! Maybe a distribute this among a couple of reliable people who enjoy going to films and can write a really good review of a film. This would help you not to be overwhelmed. And maybe a blog on something that is not overall entertainment/culturally art focused. I would be willing to write reviews or blog for your site if you want. Oh and yes – more contests for free stuff! Errbody loves contests! I know I do! Hope this helps~ RW

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