Astral22 Unofficial Official Imperial Mixtape


Gotta love a free mixtape or EP, especially if it’s good music.  Well…. the Astral22 Unofficial Official Imperial Mixtape is here.  It contains never before heard mixes, edits, mash ups, snippets of the Astral22 Releases Imperial Progressive Soul Collection Vol. 1 release.  The original album has  a great list of talent. They are MZ. Pat, Heidi Martin, Rena Scott, Lenora Jaye, katie Cole, Simone, Shuane, Shanell Renee, Katie Cole, Rogiers, La Sonya Gunter, Fernando Cardo, and Stephanie Renee.  It’s a great preview of the whole album, but it’s only about nine minutes long.  I know I’m being greedy, but it’s so good you want it to go on.  You can download it here.

Free Music: Soul Podcasts


Not many people are really aware of the amount of free music that is released regularly. This helps you find new artists, that you may not have found out otherwise and expand the type of music you have in your rotation. The first podcast is from a site that is one of my favorites. It’s Soul Unsigned, which showcases unsigned Soul artists of great talent.  Their podcast is new, and has three  podcasts available.  They are broadcasts from radio stations that they have weekly spots.



The second podcast is from Astrall22. It’s called the Modern Soul Podcast.  You may remember the name from the album “Imperial Progressive Soul Collection Volume One” that he produced and we reviewed a few weeks ago.  So, far it has nine podcasts for you to get your Soul fix.  The above photo is a from the artist ALison Crockett, who was spotlighted on of the podcasts.


Essence Grooves

The third Soul podcast is Essence Grooves.  She has been putting our quality podcasts since mid 2008.  So, you have tons of music to fill your mp3 player.  These podcasts are more well known artists, but the quality is still there.  Every Thursday Sels whips up some musical goodness for you.