El Debarge + BET Awards= One Hell of a Performance

For those that missed the BET Awards I had to hot yall with the El Debarge surprise performance! Dude killed it! I swear I was immediately taken back to one of my favorite movie’s “The Last Dragon” starring Bruce Lee Roy and Show Nuff watching this great performance. What’s funny is right as the light come on and he starts to sing you feel the crowd askin, “Who the hell is this?” Then you slowly start hearing the cheers and applause as they’re being recognized who it was. I swear dude hasn’t aged a bit! And his hair cut was clean as hell. He definitely used a full bottle of Pink Oil Moisturizer that night! hahaha  Enjoy yall…


-Black Milk

Soulified’s Favorite New Male Artists of 2009


Receiving Soulified’s 2nd award for 2009, is Nicholas Kopernicus.  They came out with their debut album Audiocentric, and really created a unique sound.  Nicholas Kopernicus is made up of Jason “classicbeatz” Minnis (Producer/Pianist/Songwriter) and Seon Gomez (Guitarist/Songwriter).  With so many new acts arriving on the scene, it’s refreshing to have music that sets it’s own mark.  Since the their debut release, the have a video to their song “Legacy” (video below), and they have “Audiocentric Unplugged EP” being released in January of 2010.  It’s being released in conjunction with Laid Back Radio.

Soulified’s Favorite New Female Artist of 2009


Soulified’s first award for the end of year wrap-up goes to Ayah.  I know you didn’t hear her all over the radio, or her videos on VH1 or MTV, but she has great talent and can hold her own with more well know female artists.  She first released her “Problem Woman Mixtape”(download link) at the start of the year.  It gave you a taste of what was to come on April 15th, with her debut album “Ayah 4:15“. It was a nine track romp of soulness that really gives you an idea of her range and what emotion that she puts into her music.  Also she really connects with her fans through Twitter and Facebook.

In other news, she released a new video for that album “In My Lifetime”.