Ayah and DJ Jazzy Jeff are “Back For More”

Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff have teamed up again, for the “Back for More” album.  The dynamic duo of the genre are back for very memorable versions of classics, and also originals.  They also teamed up with James Poyser, Pete Kuzma and Démien DeSandies to help craft this album into a very unique sound. With thirteen tracks […]

Soulified’s Favorite New Female Artist of 2009

Website/Twitter/MySpace/FaceBook/YouTube Soulified’s first award for the end of year wrap-up goes to Ayah.  I know you didn’t hear her all over the radio, or her videos on VH1 or MTV, but she has great talent and can hold her own with more well know female artists.  She first released her “Problem Woman Mixtape”(download link) at […]

Muhsinah…. A quite strength

Website Myspace FaceBook Twitter Youtube There isn’t a way to describe Muhsinah.  I learned about her, when I was posting over at Brown Sugar.  She has a very different style, complex style that takes a good ear to really appreciate, and understand.  Once you get it, you’re hooked.  Then you find out that she has […]

Ayah release Debut album 4:15 today

Website Twitter MySpace FaceBook YouTube Just found out about this artist, Ayah.  Today she released her debut album “4:15”.  From the music that I have heard, I would say it’s like an upbeat smoothness.  Reminds me a little of Joy Denalane.  Her album is available on her site today on CD.  It will be released […]