Ayah and DJ Jazzy Jeff are “Back For More”

Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff have teamed up again, for the “Back for More” album.  The dynamic duo of the genre are back for very memorable versions of classics, and also originals.  They also teamed up with James Poyser, Pete Kuzma and Démien DeSandies to help craft this album into a very unique sound. With thirteen tracks of loveliness, with the best price of FREE, this can’t be beat.  This must be the summer of fan appreciation, with all the great projects that are being made available.

Download here

Mad Late: Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “This Way” Sampler


Ok, I just found out about this little gem from Ayah and DJ Jazzy Jeff.  It’s their collaboration caller “This Way” Sampler.  It was dropped a few months ago, and it’s very good follow up to her debut album 4:15.  The sampler has twelve tracks which is great, and it includes one of my favorites “He Don’t Want It”.  Best of all the sampler is FREE!!!  I can tell that I am surprised, because I really didn’t know what to expect with the inclusion of DJ Jazzy Jeff. I still picture him 20 years ago, dropping the beats on “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.  Sad I know. Anyway, also check out her previous EP “Problem Woman“.  You can download the sampler here.   Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeffs "This Way" Sampler (467 downloads )

Soulified’s Favorite New Female Artist of 2009


Soulified’s first award for the end of year wrap-up goes to Ayah.  I know you didn’t hear her all over the radio, or her videos on VH1 or MTV, but she has great talent and can hold her own with more well know female artists.  She first released her “Problem Woman Mixtape”(download link) at the start of the year.  It gave you a taste of what was to come on April 15th, with her debut album “Ayah 4:15“. It was a nine track romp of soulness that really gives you an idea of her range and what emotion that she puts into her music.  Also she really connects with her fans through Twitter and Facebook.

In other news, she released a new video for that album “In My Lifetime”.


Muhsinah…. A quite strength


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There isn’t a way to describe Muhsinah.  I learned about her, when I was posting over at Brown Sugar.  She has a very different style, complex style that takes a good ear to really appreciate, and understand.  Once you get it, you’re hooked.  Then you find out that she has been making music for a few years, and a few albums under her belt.  In 2005, she released The Oscillations EP. Then in 2007 she released day.break. In 2008 she really exploded with her releases.  pre.lude, day.break 2.0, The Oscillations:Sine, and The Oscillations: Triangle. This year she released The Oscillations: 2XLP, which is a compilation of the previous two  The Oscillations albums.  A good portion of her albums are mp3 format only, so, iTunes and Amazon has them available to purchase.

Learning more about her, and her music you see something that is becoming very common on the web.  That common item is the absence of big music companies influence.  She is a model of an independent artist.  Her site is very professional, and feature rich.  She can release EP and singles as she pleases.  Also she can connect directly and often to her fans, and offer freebies.  This is something that I am very excited about for future artists arriving in the Soul music genre.  This is all extra, in addition to her great talent.  This is something that not all artists can do.  Just imagine if Sade had a site and fan connectivity like Muhsinah?  I’m very glad the music industry hasn’t caught up to the times.  It gives the fans a really chance to enjoy, and be apart of the music that we all love. Other artists that have similar independence are Ayah, and Amanda Diva.

Oh, you know that great song Daykeeper from Foreign Exchange?  She is on that also.  Download it free here.

Ayah release Debut album 4:15 today

Ayah 4:15 Debut album

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Just found out about this artist, Ayah.  Today she released her debut album “4:15”.  From the music that I have heard, I would say it’s like an upbeat smoothness.  Reminds me a little of Joy Denalane.  Her album is available on her site today on CD.  It will be released on iTunes on June 9th of this year.  While I was getting to know more about Ayah, I found that she released a mixtape called “Problem Woman Mixtape”.  You can go to her MySpace page and download the mixtape, and that should hold you till your album arrives.  I know it’s going to kill me to wait for this CD in the mail.  My last thing I ordered from the UK took two months to get here.  Oh, I’ve attached two of her videos below, Believe and Pusha Man.  Also, she also has a 4:15 Album Release Celebration.  Details are below.  I wish I could attend.

Date – Saturday, April 18th / 2009 (10pm)
Location – Toika Lounge (471 Richmond St. W)
City/Town – Toronto
Cover – $10
Dresscode – Be Your Sexy Self!

Facebook Event Link – [ Click Here ]
Contact Email –
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