Artist Spotlight: Chinah Blac

Chinah Blac


Spiritual.  That is the one word that describes Chinah Blac.  You should know her, since you have heard her before, but may have not been aware.  She has been singing background vocals for Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and also Dave Matthews.  It’s great to find an artist like Chinah Blac.  She just released the video “Get Away”, which is a single form her recent debut album “Introducing Eugenia Shata“.  That album debuted this past summer, to very good critical review. My review is coming this weekend.

Introducing Eugenia Shata


Chinah Blac also releasing an upcoming mixtape titled “Eargasmic”, in the upcoming weeks.  It was set to be released last month, but I guess it has been delayed a little. I really can’t wait to hear the mixtape.  I don’t know if it’s new material or samples from her current album.  The mixtape features the following artists on the mixtape, R.Devaughn, Musiq, Wes Felton, DJ Conscience and Black Ice.  It should be a very good mixtape, that should help fill the Fall slow period.