Mad Late: Eric Roberson “Still” Video

Eric Roberson released his album Music Fan First in August of 2009, but still releasing singles and videos to support it.  You can catch my favorite of his videos so far. It’s the duo he did with Layla Hathaway. Back to this video “Still”.  I am loving the slowed down tempo, coupled with the action of the video.  Check it out for yourself. Enjoy.


I wish you were “Still” here

I recently took time to watch a video from one of my all time favorite artists, Eric Roberson. He just premiered the video for his song “Still” from newest last album Music Fan First. The video can best described in one word, powerful. It is more than a love song, it is about a lesson in life. I’m speechless even writing this. If you have not seen this, the link is below.


Zo! To Release a Sunstorm Upon Us

If you are like me, then you know that July is a hot month in the music scene. Coming up on the horizon is a project from a producer who has been putting it down on the soul scene for years. On July 27th the new project from Zo! “Sunstorm” will hit the shelves.

If you are lost to whom Zo! is you must have been hiding under a rock. From Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s to the Grammy nominated “Leave it All Behind” from Foreign Exchange. Zo! has been part of some of the best soul music released over the last few years.

“Sunstorm” will feature an amazing line up from Yahzarah, Phonte from Foreign Exchange, Eric Roberson, Jesse Boykins III, and Sy Smith. Sy is featured on the first single “Greatest Weapon of All Time”.  It is a nice laid back up-tempo jam to get the party started.

Just based off of the 2 singles released, “This Could Be the Night” being the other, “Sunstorm” is shaping up to be an instant classic. If you can’t wait for something from Zo!, download two of his FREE projects if you have not already, [Download not found] and [Download not found].

Pre-order the album and look for Zo! and Foreign Exchange to hit a city near you.

Tracklisting below:

1. Greater Than the Sun f. Phonte
2. Greatest Weapon of All Time f. Sy Smith

[audio: Zo!%20-%20Greatest%20Weapon%20Of%20All%20Time%20feat.%20Sy%20Smith.mp3]Download Track [Download not found]
3. Say How You Feel f. Carlitta Durand & Phonte
4. For Leslie
5. Be Your Man f. Darien Brockington
6. Free Your Mind f. Lady Alma
7. SunStorm f. YahZarah
8. If I Could Tell You No f. Jesse Boykins III
9. This Could Be The Night f. Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington & Rapper Big Pooh

[audio: 01%20This%20Could%20Be%20The%20Night%20feat.%20Eric%20Roberson%2C%20Darien%20Brockington%20%26%20Rapper%20Big%20Pooh.mp3]Download Track [Download not found]
10. Flight of The Blackbyrd f. Phonte
11. All Is Well With Love f. Chantae Cann
12. Make Luv 2 Me f. Monica Blaire

Russell Taylor Drops “1 U Run 2” Video


This afternoon I was introduced to Russell Taylor.  A soul singer who just dropped his 2nd video from his recent album “Confessional“.  Confessional is his 2nd album, after his critically acclaimed debut album “Somewhere In Between“.  With this 2nd album he is coming into his own, and shows that in the video “1 U Run 2” featuring the wonderful Lalah Hathaway.  On a side note Lalah has been burning it up with duets and the accompanying videos.  Do you remember her and Eric Roberson?  Anyway, I think that you will enjoy this song.  I haven’t gotten the album, but I should have it shortly to give a review.

Eric Roberson Hits Memphis May 23rd!!!


Eric Roberson is making it to the Memphis area this week.  I know it’s late notice, but at least he is coming here.  He’s special guest is The Tim Terry Experience.  They will be performing at the New Daisy Theatre on May 23rd. Doors open at 6pm, and the show starts at 7pm.  Tickets start at $25 per person and can be purchased at Memphis Rebirth.

This should be a great show.  You know I’ll be there to soak up all that soul music.  If you are in the Memphis area, and haven’t heard of Eric Roberson, you should check out this and this.  That should convince you to be up in the spot on the 23rd.

Eric Roberson & Layla Hathaway in “Dealing” Video


I know I’m mad late with this video.  I actually watched it for the first time tonight.  Eric Roberson and Layla Hathaway, came together for a duet on “Dealing”. A song from Eric Roberson’s recently released album “Music Fan First“.  This is the type of video that most R&B music videos want to be when they grow up.  No gimmicks or BS.  It just focuses on the great music.

Jaspects, The Polkadotted Stripe, Album Release Party & Contest

Jaspects The Polkadotted Stripe


Something different today. We have the Jaspects. A band from Atlanta that creates a great blend of Funk, Hip-Hop and Techno.  They have recently released their third album “The Polkadotted Stripe” in April, and are promoting it with an album release party.  Their two previous albums “Broadcasting the Definition“(2006) and “Double Consciousness“(2007) has garnered them quite a loyal following.  “The Polkadotted Stripe” will only continue that trend for the band.  One aspect of the band that they are well-known for, is their skill which they blend genres.


To help promote the third album, they are returning to New York City, NY to have a album release party.  The party will be help at SOB’s(Sounds Of Brazil) (directions) on Saturday, December 19th @ 11:45pm.  The event will be hosted by Eric Roberson, and include performances by Lydia Caesar and Jon Bibbs.  Tickets are $10 per person, and you must be 21 or older.  You can purchase tickets here.

Now the best part.  We are giving away two tickets(Winner and guest) to this event.  Only two requirements to enter the random drawing. Just be over 21 and leave a comment on this post.  Boom!! That easy. For all the technical stuff here are the contest rules.


Dome Records is On Their Soul Music Grind



Once in a while you have a record company that is really putting out some great music, and you have to stop and take notice.  I was on my normal gather of news to post, and a few posts had the same theme.  They were all from Dome Records.  Now, I don’t have a preference for any record company, and I’m definitely not getting any money from them for this free press. Anyway, here are some updates of their artists.


Hil St Soul is re-releasing their debut 2002 album Soul Organic.  They are adding six remixes of some of the fifteen original album’s songs.  The album is currently out and for sale for $9.99.  If you’re not a fan or haven’t heard of them, this is a great album to start with.  Here is a sample of their music.  This is “Goodbye” from their third album Soulidified.  If you noticed that, that name gave me inspiration for this sites name.




Next on the Dome Records roster with an update is Eric Roberson.  With his recent release “Music Fan First” he has been on a roll.  he has released a Mixtape, many YouTube updates and now Choice FM London Acoustic EP.  It was recorded when he was on Choice FM in London, promoting the new album.  Also guitarist Curt Chambers, helped make each song extra special.  Pretty nice stuff.  Plus it’s only $2.07.  Really?!?!? How can you pass that up?

angela johnson


Angela Johnson is up next with a single release of “Better” from her upcoming (January) album “It’s Personal”.  This song is hot, and should be listened to often.  So, hot that it’s already had the remix treatment done.  Here is the original version via the YouTube video she created.  Enjoy.


Eric Roberson Releases ERRO The Mixtape



For the Eric Roberson fans and to music lovers that haven’t heard is music yet, there is reason to rejoice.  Today he released a the Erro Mixtape based from his his new album “Music Fan First“.  DJ Shumzs put the mixtape together, and did a pretty good job.  Visit Eric Roberson’s site to get the mixtape.  Here is a backup in case the first fails. Enjoy.


Review: N’Dambi’s Pink Elephant

N'Dambi Pink Elephant


Today is a great day for Soul music lovers.  We have albums from Meshell Ndegeocello and N’Dambi, and singles from new aspiring artists.  After almost four years since her release of “A Weird Kinda Girl” in Japan on CoCo Red Music, N’Dambi has released a twelve track album “Pink Elephant”.  This album is released by Stax Records, who also is home to Teena Marie, the late Isaac Hayes, and Will Downing, among others.

Now you may ask, what’s the deal?  Is it worth picking up? I can answer that confidently with a YES for fans, and a maybe with new listeners.  Let me explain.  I’m an uber fan of Soul music, and digest large amounts of Soul music on a weekly basis. I compare, search for rare, and contemplate Soul music. When I first listened to this album, I was confused.  The first song “L.I.E.”, was an anomaly, since it didn’t have the feel of a first track of an album.  For example, Ledisi’s “Lost & Found” first song “Been Here” is a perfect example of a great “lead in” to the album. I thought that “L.I.E.” didn’t “lead in” to the album and establish the environment for the rest of the songs.  I was a bit confused and wrong, since I didn’t know what expect from the rest of the album.  After listening to the whole album, do I understand and appreciate the style and concept of it.

To best describe this album, is that it’s a book of different stories, by different writers, but with the same voice. Each song tells a story, but it tells it in a form of Soul that compliments that story.  For example the relaxed tempo of “L.I.E.” lends itself to the story of a man with two lives that are connected via the Long Island Expressway.  One of my favorites of the album is “Nobody Jones”.  It’s more of upbeat, than “L.I.E.”, and tells of a woman that dreams of a more exciting life.  This is the track that I think really showcases N’Dambi’s voice and what she has to separate her from other singers. Oh, that cow bell is kicking in this song.

The next song is “Ooo Baby”, and is a prime example of her Soul style changing from song to song.  If you close your eyes, you can see Levert from about twenty years ago, behind her in white suits,  snapping their fingers, and grooving to the rhythm.  This song will get the mood right, if it isn’t there already.

The first single from the album is”Can’t Hardly Wait” (clean version video below).  There are two versions of this song.  I prefer the NSFW version (Not Safe For Work) myself.  In the clean version, “Fussing” has replaced “F*!king”. Besides that small change, the song is one of the best of the album.  I really can’t place the influence for this song, but I can appreciate the bass guitar in it.

Overall, I like the album.  I don’t regret buying, but again I’m a uber fan.  If this your first time hearing N’Dambi, I would suggest picking up “Lost Little Girl Blues” from 1999.  Then move up from there.  Then you can realize what’s being done in “Pink Elephant”. Now if you are a fan, it’s no question.  What are you waiting for?  It’s available all over at iTunes and Amazon.  Enjoy.


International Soul Music Summit Happing Now

Soul Music Summit

Hello. Sorry for the delay in posts or news, but I have some very good things coming this weekend. Until then, if you are in the Atlanta area, you are in for a treat.  They are having the International Soul Music Summit, and everyone is going to be there.  It started yesterday Sept 24th, and carries on until Sunday the 27th.  They will have various topics and speakers, concerts and discussion groups.  For example, one group “The Sexualization of Female in the Music Industry” and the moderator is Joi.  Here  are some of the artists that will be in attendance.  China Blac, Afi, Joi, Sy Smith, Divine Brown, Nikki Gilbert, Kelly Love Jones, Eric Roberson, Vikter Duplaix, Melba Moore, N’dambi, and many more.  I should be ashamed, that I’m not there, but next year I’ll be there.

1 Day left till “Music Fan First”

Eric Roberson


Good morning.  We are just one day away from Eric Roberson’s album release “Music Fan First“.  He has been releasing a new video preview of each song leading up to the album’s release.  Be sure to pre-order your copy before August 25th.  If you do so, you will get an autographed copy.  Nice. Here is his latest video preview “Pave A New Road”.


Eric Roberson counts down till “Music Fan First”

Eric Roberson


Eric Roberson is still counting down till he drops his new album “Music Fan First” on August 25th.  So to celebrate and give samples of his 17 new songs on the album, he is doing a video for each song.  Here are the latest four updates.  Enjoy.  If you haven’t pre-ordered the album, do so before August 25th, because he will personally autograph each album.





Morning Start: Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson


Good morning. Today we have Eric Roberson. A great talent and one of the spokesmen for the indie Soul movement.  He has a signature sound that will hit you just right, to make you understand and feel the flow he is trying to provide.  He has a new album “Music Fan First” arriving August 25th.  It will be 17 songs of Soul deliciousness.  As an added bonus, if you pre-order before it’s released he will autograph your copy.

Music Fan First

To kick off his new album, he is releasing a sample of each of the 17 songs of the 17 days till the album is released.  To catch you up, her are the current samples below.  I’ll add more each day as he releases them.