Inobe Releases Lyfe Into The World

Website/MySpace/Twitter/YouTube/SoulCommune/FaceBook Inobe just let her fans know that she has released a new album titled “Lyfe“.  This was a surprise to me, but a very pleasant surprise.  The album is 14 songs, and is her third album.  It’s a great deal at $7.95 at CDBaby, but it’s not available anywhere else that I have seen. […]

Video: Inobe’s Come Take A Drive

Website MySpace FaceBook Twitter YouTube Inobe is still dropping little gems of music deliciousness on YouTube.  Her latest one is “Come Take A Drive“.  I’m hoping that a new album is in the works.  I loved her past two releases “Spiritual Soul” and “I Am Inobe“. Enjoy. httpvh://

Artist Spotlight: Inobe

One thing that I love about this genre of music is the depth of the artists. With each note, song and album they reveal so much of themselves to the world. That takes courage, and confidence. The reason I say all this, is Inobe (her name Eboni backwards), is a perfect example. She has a […]