Fresh from the Fridge: Jay-Z vs Coldplay- Viva La Hova (mixtape)

What’s up Soulifiedians?! It’s ya boy Black Milk aka Negro Leche and I’m bringing you another heater of a mixtape like the past few except this time I’m bringing one hell of a “Mash Up” album!

For those that are big Jay-z fans it’s been a hot sec since he’s gone up against an alternative band. November 30, 2004 to be exact when him and Linkin Park battled it out on they’re super dope album Collision Course which I still bump to this day before I compete in my karate tournament’s. This particular one is considered a “mixtape”.  It sounds like an album that both Jay Z and Coldplay did in the studio, with J spitting and Coldplay melodies.  All over crazy production from some of the dopest producers in the game like 9th Wonder. This is a must have for any Jay Z fan and it just might open you up to Coldplay and they’re genre of music as well.

1) Intro (produced by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban)
2) Public Speeding (produced by Cookin’ Soul)
3) Know My Place (produced by The Amps)
4) Never Changing (produced by nVMe)
5) Miss Trouble (produced by Judah)
6) Back At My Place (produced by Remot)
7) No Love Coming Home (produced by The Kickdrums)
8) Lost Part 1 (produced by Coldplay)
9) A Spy’s Prayer (produced by nVMe)
10) Science Is Ignorant (produced by Gooch)
11) The Reverse Fix (produced by Mick Boogie & nVMe)
12) Hola Blanco (produced by Garbs Infinite)
13) Take The Hill (produced by nVMe)
14) Lost Part 2 (remixed by Mick Boogie)
15) Cold Success (produced by 9th Wonder)
16) What If We Cry? (produced by Remot)
17) Beach Chair (produced by Coldplay)
18) Falling In Shadows (produced by 6th Sense)
19) Life of Clocks (produced by Terry Urban)
20) X-Y-Z (produced by Hasan Insane)

[audio: Jayz and Coldplay Final.mp3]

Download: Viva La Hova (544 downloads )

Enjoy the freshness…

5 out of 5 Cartons

-Black Milk

Random News Update 10/19/09

I figured out that I can’t do a full post on every little tidbit of info.  So, I’ll do these news updates to keep you abreast of the minutiae of Soul music.  Here we go.

Melanie Fiona TheBridge

Melanie Fiona has her album “The Bridge” arriving tomorrow (Tuesday October 20th, 2009) on iTunes, and the kicker is that it’s only $5.99.  At that price you have no excuse but to listen. For a sample of her music, check out the mixtape from “The Bridge”.


For the Maxwell lovers out there.  A 2nd batch of “Bad Habits” remixes are being released soon.  A 2nd batch?  Yup, the first batch was released back in September, titled “Bad Habits (The Unadulterated Remix Box)“.  To sample the 2nd batch head over to Pro Motion. I’m still looking on where to find them to purchase or download. Below are the tracks of the first set of remixes.

1. Bad Habits (Harlan Pepper & AG III Club Remix) 8:10
2. Bad Habits (Karmatronic Club Remix) 6:02
3. Bad Habits (Mark Alston Club Remix) 8:03
4. Bad Habits (Harlan Pepper & AG III Dub Remix) 8:06
5. Bad Habits (Karmatronic Dub) 6:02
6. Bad Habits ( Mark Alston Dub) 7:19
7. Bad Habits (Harlan Pepper & AG III Radio Edit) 4:56
8. Bad Habits (Karmatronic Radio Edit) 3:34
9. Bad Habits (Mark Alston Radio Edit) 4:42

Bad Habits (The Unadulterated Remix Box) Download

Hidden Beach Unwrapped Vol 6

Hidden Beach has released their sixth volume of the Unwrapped series, titled “Give the Drummer some!”.  It features Tony Royster, Jr among others.  To celebrate this release, they are giving away free for download the Unwrapped Mixtape. You can get it here.


I know this isn’t Soul related, but it’s well worth mentioning.  Everyone know about Jay-Z’s recent “The Blueprint 3” release.  Well… Alex Goose was on of the people to submit beats to be featured on Jay-Z’s album.  None of his beats made the cut, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fiyah. :)  he has posted those beats to the public via  Take a listen for something  different. Plus you can’t beat anything that is free.

Jay Leno Show w/ Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kenye West

Good morning. This story keeps developing. A previously scheduled appearance of Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kenye West, on Jay Leno’s premiere show on NBC, it added more depth to the MTV’s VMA drama. With Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s first award acceptance, to Beyonce giving Taylor a chance to properly shine in her moment. It was eventful to say the least. Kanye wanted to take some time before the performance to discuss his actions and his feelings on that moment. Below is the video. Enjoy.

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Last Night’s MTV VMA Highlights


Good morning. Watched the MTV VMAs last night, and there was a lot going on.  I know some people didn’t get a chance to catch the whole thing, so here are the highlights of the show.  All I can say is that Kanye West was wrong, but Beyonce made it ok.  Enjoy

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