Artist Spotlight: Kayo


I apologise for the delay in my weekly post.  Between crossing time zones and jetlag I couldn’t get my blackberry to work last week leading to some frustrated tweets about the cell service provider.  Anyway back to the music let me re-introduce you to a talented Lucian who goes by Kayo.  Aside from being a laid back just plain nice guy he is definitely a talent to keep an eye on.  Trust me, or just youtube him and believe me you will enjoy not only his music but will develop an appreciation for his lyrics (like I said last a few weeks ago am all about the lyrics).

The first time I met Kayo in university I had no idea how much talent I was looking at until I downloaded his mixtape on his site.  My advice, download it, listen to it and I kid you not you won’t regret it.  So DO IT!  Go to follow the links and get it.  Its an easy listen and before long you will be hunting (yes hunting) for more of his music. If you wanna see him live, he performs at a lot of shows in Halifax, NS.

I had the privilege of working with Kayo on my latest single Love Antidote that was produced by Beezy and of course with the help of Ritchcraft we created an amazing song.

[audio: love%20antidote.mp3]

For more on Ritchcraft you can download his latest project at

Will keep updating you a regular!

Keep Jamming to the Rhythm of Life


Keep Jamming to the Rhythm of Life

Happy Wednesday,

Let me start by introducing myself. I go by Ceeceefied, hail from the beautiful country of Zambia in southern Africa. I am a poet, singer songwriter, you can find me at CeeCeefied. As you keep reading my blog posts you will learn a few things about me…obviously! Most important thing you gotta know is I love music and poetry.

Speaking of music how about a run down of some of the music and artists I like. With music am all about the lyrics. Lately I have been getting into Kem and Adele… very deep stuff right there. I have always loved Jill Scott for her soulful sound and her music has so much personality. Miss Lauryn Hill of course has inspired a lot of artists including myself.

I would recommend that you look up a few not so “known” artists such as Zamajobe from South Africa and Hil St Soul from the UK, this is more for the soul and jazz loving folk. If you are more hip hop look up Kayo from the island of St Lucia.

Over the years I have listened to acts such as Il Divo whose harmonies are just amazing. The unity of their voices when they sing is out of this world. If you haven’t given their music a listen…DO IT!  That’s a little bit about me and artists am loving right now.

Keep jamming to the rhythm of life.