Kem asks with “Why Would You Stay” Video

Kem has released his first video for the first single form his new album, Intimacy Album III.  His third album is an impressive collection of art.  I even had the opportunity to speak to Kem for an interview, and was blown away by his calm, smooth nature.  Those traits come across very well in this song and video “Why Would You Stay”.


Keep Jamming to the Rhythm of Life

Happy Wednesday,

Let me start by introducing myself. I go by Ceeceefied, hail from the beautiful country of Zambia in southern Africa. I am a poet, singer songwriter, you can find me at CeeCeefied. As you keep reading my blog posts you will learn a few things about me…obviously! Most important thing you gotta know is I love music and poetry.

Speaking of music how about a run down of some of the music and artists I like. With music am all about the lyrics. Lately I have been getting into Kem and Adele… very deep stuff right there. I have always loved Jill Scott for her soulful sound and her music has so much personality. Miss Lauryn Hill of course has inspired a lot of artists including myself.

I would recommend that you look up a few not so “known” artists such as Zamajobe from South Africa and Hil St Soul from the UK, this is more for the soul and jazz loving folk. If you are more hip hop look up Kayo from the island of St Lucia.

Over the years I have listened to acts such as Il Divo whose harmonies are just amazing. The unity of their voices when they sing is out of this world. If you haven’t given their music a listen…DO IT!  That’s a little bit about me and artists am loving right now.

Keep jamming to the rhythm of life.

Kem Releases Single “Why Would You Stay”, From Intimacy

Just a quick note.  Kem has released his first single “Why Would You Stay”, from his upcoming album “Album III Intimacy”.  It is scheduled to be released in July of this year.  If you loved any song from previous Kem albums, you’ll really enjoy this single.  You can pick up the single at iTunes or Amazon for $.99.  You can’t beat that price for a early sneak peak.

Kem – Why Would You Stay

Kem Lovers, Here’s Intimacy


The wait is nearing an end.  After long five years since his last album, Kem’s third album “Intimacy” is close at hand.  The album is being released on Universal Motown in July.  Kem has released a promo video that wraps you in his vision and sound of this third album.  This could be a new genre called Grown Soul. Yeah, I said it.  It drips of swagger, coolness and maturity that most artist can only dream.  This is only the promo video, so I now need the album ASAP.  Below is that promo video, and also the behind the scenes of that video.  So remember that this will be a cool summer come July.

Frankie Beverly & Maze Tribute Album Released

Frankie Beverly & Maze


Morning people.  Don’t know if you knew a tribute album was being made for Frankie Beverly and Maze.  The great R&B/Soul group that has released 12 albums, and has 30 chart hits.  Silky Soul Music released the album which contains a great list of artists.  They are Mary J. Blige, Musiq Soulchild, Ledisi, Kem, Mint Condition, Joe, Raheem DeVaughn, Kevon Edmonds, Avant and the Clark Sisters with J. Moss and Kierra Sheard.  My favorite song so far is “Golden Time Of Day” sung by Kem.  That’s my joint right there. :)  Anyway, you can get the album from iTunes.  They have a website dedicated for the tribute album, and also to foster community support..  Fans are already asking for a second volume for some of the hits that were left out of this release.  Here’s to hoping. Below is the track listing.

1. Silky Soul (Musiq Soul Child)  5:21

2. Golden Time of Day (KEM)  5:35

3. We Are One Raheem (DeVaughn)  5:06

4. Before I Let Go (Mary J. Blige)  4:37

5. Can’t Get Over You (Joe)  5:15

6. Happy Feelings (Ledisi)  5:08

7. Back In Stride (Mint Condition)  4:51

8. Never Let You Down (Kevon Edmonds) 4:54

9. Joy and Pain (Avant) 7:04

10. I Wanna Thank You (Clark Sisters, Kiki Sheard, J. Moss)  4:38

Memphis: Kem Finally Returns



Hey fellow Memphians, Kem is coming back to town.  Mix and Mingle Entertainment Presents their Winter Concert Series, starting off with Kem.  The concert is December 12th, 2009 at the Cannon Center.  To my knowledge he hasn’t performed, since before his second album was released.  This should be a great concert, since he is close to releasing his third album. They haven’t announced ticket prices, or purchase dates.  Once they release the details, I’ll update this post.

Morning Start: Kem


Good morning Soul Peoples. Today’s Morning Start artist is Kem. In 2003 he came out of the blue, to bring a sound that just never existed prior to him. It was a relaxed vibe, that just defined “chill”. He has released two albums “Kemistry” in 2003, and “Album II” in 2005. He is currently working on his third album, Intimacy. That should be released this fall. With the first single to hit radio stations hopefully in the next few weeks. To hold us till then here are some of my favorite songs, by this talented man.




Memphis Soul Lovers, you have a voice

Mix And Mingle

Good afternoon. Wifey, just made me aware of a chance to vote on who Mix and Mingle will have in their next show. Just click the link and vote for one of the five artists. The voting ends May 4th Monday. The artists that you have a choice of, are Anthony David, Kem, Tamia, Rachelle Farrell, and George Benson. So click, and vote for who you desire.