Raheem Devaugh released “Heemy Taught Me”

One of the most prolific mixtape artists out there has dropped a new one.  Well new to me.  It was released in early April.  This mixtape is made up of his favorite slow jams.  So, if you are looking to create the mood, this is what you need to get.

Heemy Taught Me (453 downloads)

1. Gently
2. Breathe
3. Text Messages
4. Garden Of Luv
5. Mo Betta
6. Prototype
7. Believe
8. Customer
9. B.O.B.
10. Calling Me
11. Can’t Be Friends (Remix)
12. Bedroom
13. Desire
14. Some Kind Of Way
15. Closer (Won’t Be Long)
16. XO

Mr. February aka March Madness, Raheem Devaughn’s Mixtape

Today has turned out to be a great day for free music.  Raheem Devaughn released the “Mr. February aka March Madness” Mixtape today.  It’s 23 tracks of a series of remixes, covers, and b-sides. It’s another lead up to his upcoming 2 CD “The Love and War Masterpeace” that drops March, 2nd 2010.  You can download the mixtape here or the backup link.  Enjoy, and spread the word. :)

Upcoming Albums To Watch For

It’s a new year, and the party is over.  Now it’s time to get back to business.  The past few months have been kind of dry on the retail music front.  It looks like Spring 2010, will change all that.

January Releases

Maysa – Woman In Love (January 25)

Corinne Bailey Rae -The Sea (January 26)

February Releases

Solider Of Love By Sade (Feb. 10)

New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) By Erykah Badu (February 23): Everyone is awaiting this follow up album to New Amerykah Part One.  Here is how Erykah Badu describes the album “I called it ‘Part II: The Return of the Ankh’ because this album is the sister of the left side of my brain — it is the right side,” Badu explained during a listening session this week at New York City’s Chung King Studios. “‘Part I was the left side of my thoughts — it was more socially political and my thought process was more analytical. This time there wasn’t anything to be concerned with — the album is more emotional and flowy and talks about feelings. It reminds of the days of ‘Baduizm’ — this is just about beats and rhymes in a cipher.”

The Love and War Masterpeace by Raheem DeVaugh (February 16)

Kings Ballad by Georgia Anne Muldrow (February 9)

Concrete Jungle by Nneka (February 2)

March Releases

It’s Personal by Angela Johnson (March)

Intermission/The Bitter Suite By Carmen Rodgers (March 30)

April And Beyond

Synthesis By Raul Midon (April 13)

Milk And Honey By Goapele (spring)


Purple Saint James By Yahzarah (spring): With this upcoming album, being her third, I really feel music blossoming.  After listening to her two previous albums, and then to her “The Prelude” EP, it’s a whole new world.  So, personally I can’t wait for the album, so I can really enjoy this musical phoenix.  She has also signed with The Foreign Exchange Music, so you know that all add extra goodness to the production.

SunStorm By Zo! (unknown): After the recent “…Just Visiting Too” EP that was released, more people are coming to appreciate his music and talent.  There is also the “…Just Visiting” EP, which was released in 2006.

James River By D’Angelo (spring/summer): People have been talking about this album for a year or two.  It will be ten years since his last album.  A tour is also rumored this summer.  The whispers have been getting stronger lately, with the news of the artists that he has working on the album.  This is what his manager said of those collaborations,” “James River,” D’Angelo’s first studio effort in nearly 9 years, is also sporting a collaboration with Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Green. Green joins Raphael Saadiq, Mark Ronson, and Roy Hargrove, who have already contributed to D’Angelo’s forthcoming album.”  It has also been reported that he is teaming up with Prince.

Darien Brockington (unknown): This release would be his second solo album, after “Somebody To Love”. The wait just got a lot harder with his latest EP “Cold Case Files“.

Carlitta Durand (unknown)

Frankie Beverly & Maze Tribute Album Released

Frankie Beverly & Maze


Morning people.  Don’t know if you knew a tribute album was being made for Frankie Beverly and Maze.  The great R&B/Soul group that has released 12 albums, and has 30 chart hits.  Silky Soul Music released the album which contains a great list of artists.  They are Mary J. Blige, Musiq Soulchild, Ledisi, Kem, Mint Condition, Joe, Raheem DeVaughn, Kevon Edmonds, Avant and the Clark Sisters with J. Moss and Kierra Sheard.  My favorite song so far is “Golden Time Of Day” sung by Kem.  That’s my joint right there. :)  Anyway, you can get the album from iTunes.  They have a website dedicated for the tribute album, and also to foster community support..  Fans are already asking for a second volume for some of the hits that were left out of this release.  Here’s to hoping. Below is the track listing.

1. Silky Soul (Musiq Soul Child)  5:21

2. Golden Time of Day (KEM)  5:35

3. We Are One Raheem (DeVaughn)  5:06

4. Before I Let Go (Mary J. Blige)  4:37

5. Can’t Get Over You (Joe)  5:15

6. Happy Feelings (Ledisi)  5:08

7. Back In Stride (Mint Condition)  4:51

8. Never Let You Down (Kevon Edmonds) 4:54

9. Joy and Pain (Avant) 7:04

10. I Wanna Thank You (Clark Sisters, Kiki Sheard, J. Moss)  4:38

Morning Start: Maxwell and Raheem Devauhgn

Good morning. I know I’ve been slacking in the posting department, but I’m trying to get and launched by next Monday.  So, hopefully this will make up for it.  First we have Maxwell, who released his second video for his new album “Blacksummers’night” , titled Bad Habits.


Next we have Raheem Devaughn dropping his first and second video from his recently released mixtape “The Art Of Noise” (free download).  The first video is “Cocaine Dreams”, and the second is “Back Your Heart”.  Thanks to HoneySoul for the heads up on these two videos.



Raheem Devaughn releases Art of Noise Mixtape

Art Of Noise

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Raheem Devaughn has done it, as he said he would.  He released the new 19 track mixtape “Art of Noise” on June 15th.  This is a prelude to his upcoming album this fall, “Love and War Masterpiece”.  As the King of Soul Mixtapes, he truly believes in giving fan what they want, music.  Along with releasing the new mixtape, he also announced his entry on to Twitter, and new collaboration site for 368 Music Group, with the artists Philade and Dre The Mayor.

To download  the mixtape go to 368 Music Group to enter email address, to receive the downlink. After you download, come back and tell us what you think.

Raheem Devaughn to release new mixtape

Raheem Devaughn

His supreme Soulness, has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape June 15th.  It is titled “The Art Of Noise”, and will be a free download.  If you are new to Raheem Devaughn, he has a very strong love of mixtapes.  To my knowledge he has eight mixtapes that he is featured.  All of his mixtapes are listed below.  To celebrate his release of a new mixtape, I’m posting The Street Experience Vol 1 – 5.  Once you listen to the mixtapes, you will be very impressed.  You will find yourself asking what rock you were living under, that you didn’t haven’t heard these sooner.  Enjoy.

1. “The Healing – Daily Dosage” by Urban Ave 31 (Universal People Improvement, 2002)

2. “The Antidote – The Healing Volume 2” by Urban Ave 31 (Universal People Improvement, 2003)

3. “Limited Budget, Unlimited Quality” by Crossrhodes (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

4. “The Street Experience – Volume 1” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

5. “The Street Experience – Volume 2” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

6. “The Street Experience – Volume 3” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2004)

7. “The Street Experience – Volume 4” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2006)

8. “The Street Experience – Volume 5” by Urban Ave 31 (Urban Ave Music, 2007)

9. “The Invitation: Crossrhodes Volume 2” by Crossrhodes (Urban Ave Music, 2005)

Thanks for HoneySoul for the heads up on the new Mixtape.

UPDATE (5-21-09): Fixed Vol. 5 Link. Thanks, Dave.

UPDATE (6-17-09): Found three more mixtapes on the list. “The Healing”, “The Antidote”, and “Limited Budget, Unlimited Quality” are now clickable links.  If anyone has “The Invitation: Crossrhodes Volume 2” Let me know.  That’s the only one missing.