Happy New Year, and Hoppin’ John Recipe

Happy New Year, and I hope your celebration goes well and without incident.  As tradition with other New Years, it’s normal to have certian items the first day of the year.  Tradition is that the first thing you eat in the new year, should be one of the things to bring you luck.  One of my favorite is Hoppin’ John (Black Eye Peas and white rice).  Right after the stroke of midnight, you eat some Hoppin’ John.  The person who is preparing the dish, puts a dime in the finish dish.  Then they person who gets the dime in their portion will have good fortune for the new year.   Continue reading “Happy New Year, and Hoppin’ John Recipe” »

Secret Ingredient Cheesecake Recipe

     Here is my famous secret ingredient cheese cake.  I have perfected this through the years, and I even used to sell these in NJ.  It’s a very simple cheese cake that you have to bake.  It’s just simple four ingredients.  You can put the mix in a 9″ graham crust pie pan, made by Nabisco or a off brand.  The off brand actually tastes better, in my tests for some reason.  Or you can make your own crust with, butter, brown sugar and crushed graham crackers.  You can also put the batter in mini graham pie pans.  They hold one heaping table spoon of mix each.  The mini graham cracker pie shells, are great for parties and other events.  It allows you to really plan how many much you need to make.   Continue reading “Secret Ingredient Cheesecake Recipe” »