Soul Artist Spotlight: Shamika Brice (Brown Rice)

Good morning people.  Ever have the feeling that life is good, and all that?  Then you hear or see something, that now you know you can’t live without. A voice that speaks to you in a way, that very few others have in the past. An emotion that speaks through the music, and grasps you.  That’s how I describe the voice of Shamika Brice aka Brown Rice.  She has been making music since she was 10. She released the album titled “Bounce To This” in 1998 in Japan. I’ve tried searching for it, but I can’t find it anywhere. I would love to get my hands on that album.  Anyway, she took some time off, and is back performing in small venues around New England. I’m hoping that she has an album coming out soon, or at least an EP.  Something.  I’m thirsty for more.

Brown Rice

Shamika Brice aka Brown-Rice

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