Maxwell Mix by Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q Mixtape

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Another mix of older Maxwell hits.  They are mixed very well by Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q.  Is that a name or what? Anyway, this was released in back in early July, but I  missed it.  Enjoy.

Track Listing

Lock You Up N’ Love Fa Days

Everwanting: To Want You To Want

Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)/(No One’s Gonna Love You, So Don’t Ever Wonder) – The Tribute Cut

Luxury: Cococure




…Til The Cops Come Knockin’


Gravity: Pushing To Pull

W/As My Girl

Drowndeep: Hula

At the Party

Temporary Nite

The Urban Theme

Matrimony: Maybe You

Sumthin’ Sumthin’

Ascension (Unsung)