Tone Trezure Defines Her Talent with “My Destiny”


Today I started an unknown adventure into the quite recesses of the underground artist neighborhood.  I was beckoned by a single tweet, from FlyGirlTONE. Who is an artist name Tone Trezure.  When someone says “One of the most underrated Artists of our time”, you have to check it out.  Now, I know a few things about underrated.  Joy Denalane, Tok Tok Tok, and Avery*Sunshine are underrated.  So without a second thought I headed over to her BandCamp page to check out  her underrated talent.  On the first song “My Destiny”, mind was blown, mouth was open, and eyes widen.  Then my doubts creeped in.  The next song “You Mean” can’t offer the same flow, vibe and overall deepness like the first.  I was wrong.  All I could think of is Florida Evans, saying “Damn, Damn, DAMN!!!”.  This EP “My Destiny” has five songs that provide the heat.  This is her first EP, and now I want a whole album of this goodness.  There is no sign that this is her first release. The production is top notch.  Her voice and talent will capture you, and make you bob your head, as you listen to each whisper and softness in her voice.  Her fourth track “Don’t Hang Up The Phone” is a great example of this effect.

If you haven’t bought the EP yet, and are still reading just take a listen below. If that below can’t convince you, I don’t know what to say. :)

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