Vikter Duplaix Drops “For Players Only” Mixtape

I know it’s only Tuesday, but you have to start getting ready for the weekend sometime.  A great mixtape has been done by DJ Mars, Vikter Duplaix and  DJ Doc.  Very smooth and weekend approved.  If you can’t get the vibe going with this, then you need your card pulled.  Enjoy.

Download [Download not found]

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  1. Mesomohphicman
    Mesomohphicman says:

    I’m a man who respects women and not player or playa and I’m not a street huslta(er). I’m a college educated working Negro man who enjoys foreign travel, so I guess none of his music is for me. Let me know when you make something good without thinking the only way you can get sales or promotion is to angle towards stereotypes and ignorance.

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